• Platform: Google Play
  • Genre: Survival, RPG
  • Raiting: 18+
Description and Games specific

The world of Exile Survival is a unique mixture of contrasts. Bright colors and lush visuals go hand in hand with harsh action, barbarian brutality and gore. Try to overcome your fears and survive in these deadly wastelands!

The once flourishing lands of Exile Survival were torn apart when ruthless gods unleashed bloody massacre on each other leaving the world in ruins. After the battle was finally over, scarce survivors saw the devastating results they would have to live with. Cities and towns reduced to bare wasteland, civilizations wiped out, life thrown back to its ancient form. According to the ancient law you decided to challenge Gods in order to take your place among them in the Great Hall. Unfortunately you lost and got exiled to the edge of the world. Now you're a lone survivor, doomed to eternal fighting for your own survival. Be ready to venture on a brutal adventure, explore deadly wasteland and face the consequences of the bloody war.

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